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We offer a wide range of saws and equipment for nearly every requirement including precision cutting of lengths and angles. Our range of saws includes single head miter saws, bench top miter saws, upcut miter saws, double head miter saws both manual and CNC (fully automatic) versions. Saw blade diameters vary from 12” (300 mm) to 24” (600 mm). Our double head miter saws come in semi-automatic, full-automatic and CNC versions ensuring high precision. Our CNC double head saws are controlled via PC controller to conveniently import the optimized cutting data from common spreadsheet programs via a USB port. These saws are equipped with a modem for remote technical service access via Internet. Our heavy duty saws are equipped with hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed ensuring very high precision as well as exceptional robustness and guaranteed durability. Planning for long-term, economical production must always take the people involved into account. This is why our saws are designed utmost user friendly and ergonomically.