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LIBRA-06 M Manual Copy Router
Libra-06 M is a manual copy router machine. It has pneumatic twin horizontal clamps, router bit, profile support bars, copy...
LIBRA-06-PRO  Heavy Duty Manual Copy Router
Libra-06-PRO is a heavy duty type  copy router machine. It is equipped with a powerful induction motor, twin manual horizontal clamps,...
LIBRA-CNC 4 Axis CNC Copy Router
The new concept in copy routers, this single head copy router has the ability to program X, Y, Z and...
LIBRA-02 S 3 Spindle Copy Router
It is designed to operate quickly and precisely lock’s holes on aluminum profile, without releasing the workpiece. Spindle Copy Router...
LIBRA-02 HM Manual Copy Router With Horizontal Drilling Unit
Libra-02 HM is a manual copy router machine with horizontal drilling unit. It has pneumatic twin horizontal clamps, router bit,...
LIBRA-02 MDR Combined Copy Router with Triple Drilling and Water Slot Milling
Libra-02 MDR is a combined copy router with triple drilling and water slot milling machine. It has triple drilling mechanism...
DOLPHIN-02 A/FH Automatic Water Slot Milling Machine with High Frequency Motors
Dolphin-02 A/AF is an automatic water slot milling machine with high frequency motors. It has pneumatic twin vertical clamps, drill...
LIBRA-02 P Portable Copy Router
Libra-02 P, tezgah üstü tip bir fotokopi makinesidir . Standart ekipman arasında çift manuel yatay kelepçe, yönlendirici bit, profil destek...

ATech Machinery manufactures template copy routing for aluminum and vinyl (PVC) profiles in different versions.

We supply bench top type copy routers both with brush and induction motors, manual copy routers with pneumatic clamping and copy routers with twin motors for additional horizontal triple drilling.

Our copy routers can be equipped with pneumatic spray mist lubrication system for fabricating of aluminum extrusions. We also make custom copy templates for your special applications, or supply blank copy templates.