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1.1 kW 3-phase motor • Quick cutter change spindle Hydro-pneumatic feed enables to adjust the speed of the cutters depending on profile type The cutter stack...
TUCANA-06-SDL End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 SDL is a simulated divided lites end milling machine. It is designed for end mill processing of SDL (Simulated Divided Lites)...
TUCANA-02 AS Automatic Angular End Milling Machine with Quick Cutter Change Spindle
Tucana-02 AS is an automatic angular end milling machine with quick cutter change spindle. It has pneumatic twin vertical clamps...
TUCANA-06 M Manual End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 M is a manual end milling machine. It has pneumatic twin clamps and air gun among standard equipment, whereas...
TUCANA-06 P Portable End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 P is a bench top type end milling machine. It has twin manual clamps among standard equipment, whereas custom...

ATech Machinery  End Milling Machines provides single head, double head and four head vinyl welding machines which cover all different levels of production requirements. provides single head, double head and four head vinyl welding machines which cover all different levels of production requirements.

Our horizontal end milling machines are specially designed for milling sets of profiles (both aluminum and vinyl) in which the cutter unit needs to be changed several times in the same set. ATech supplies a wide range of end millers varying from bench top type to manual and automatic models. Our automatic end milling machine is equipped with a quick-release cutter stack holder making different applications on profiles quicker and easier. The cutting zone is fully guarded to protect the operator in all the machining operations. The cutter stack feed is hydro-pneumatic ensuring precise and vibration-free end milling of your aluminum and vinyl profiles. We also manufacture custom cutter stacks according to your profile drawings, thus providing turnkey solutions. Heavy duty and user friendly design distinguish our end milling machines from all other machines in the market.