ATech Machinery

Welding & Cleaning

We have been manufacturing vinyl welders for heater plate welding of PVC profiles since more than 30 years. Our extensive product range from bench top type vinyl welding machines to single head, double head and four head vinyl welders cover all different levels of production requirements. We also supply a complete PVC window & door frame production line with four head welder, CNC corner cleaner and robotized system. Our machines are of heavy duty design and extremely user friendly. The CNC type machines are equipped with a modem for fast service via remote access via Internet. All our welders are equipped with parameters and settings, which are necessary for the production of vinyl (PVC) windows and doors. It is guaranteed that only top brand quality components are used. We supply a rich variety of corner cleaning machinery and equipment for processing and cleaning of vinyl profiles after welding. Our corner cleaners come with different cutter stack capacity, where each cutter stack is assigned to a control button on the control panel of the corner cleaner for automated activation. So, ATech offers the right machine for each purpose and every production requirement.