"PVC Corner Cleaning Tools" Machinery

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NIS-01 Surface Cleaning Tool
NIS-01 is a surface cleaning tool. It is comfortable to position on the vinyl, thanks to its light aluminum body...
NIS-03 Side Surface Cleaning Apparatus
NIS-03 is a side surface cleaning apparatus to clean off welding seams while hot or cold. It is composed of...
NIS-15 Pneumatic Water Slot (Drainage) Router
NIS-15 Pneumatic is a water slot (drainage) router for vinyl (PVC) profiles. It has an ergonomic design, and is easy...
NIS-04 Pneumatic Inner Corner Cleaning Apparatus
NIS-04 is a pneumatic inner corner cleaning apparatus. It is easy to use with a specially designed stainless knife. It...
NIS-09 Pasific Air Operated Double Surface Cleaning Apparatus
NIS-09 Pasific is an air operated double surface cleaning apparatus, which cleans off top and bottom welding seams in both...
NIS-14 Ayder Portable PVC Welding Machine
NIS-14 Ayder is a portable PVC welding machine with automatic operation via a foot pedal. It weighs 65 kg (143...