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TUCANA-06-SDL End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 SDL is a simulated divided lites end milling machine. It is designed for end mill processing of SDL (Simulated Divided Lites)...
TUCANA-02 AS Automatic Angular End Milling Machine with Quick Cutter Change Spindle
Tucana-02 AS is an automatic angular end milling machine with quick cutter change spindle. It has pneumatic twin vertical clamps...
TUCANA-06 M Manual End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 M is a manual end milling machine. It has pneumatic twin clamps and air gun among standard equipment, whereas...
TUCANA-06 P Portable End Milling Machine
Tucana-06 P is a bench top type end milling machine. It has twin manual clamps among standard equipment, whereas custom...