ATech Machinery

Crimping & Punch

Our heavy duty hydraulic corner crimping machine is used for corner joining of aluminum extrusions in the window and storefront industry as well as other commercial applications. Our corner crimper works both with air and oil providing extensive power for corner joining of thick aluminum profiles, too. Both crimping heads are synchronized and the operation is controlled via 2 foot valves (for automatic centering and crimping). The groove measure is adjustable via turn knobs on each side of the crimping heads. The corner crimper comes with 2 pieces of extension arms and standard set of crimping blades (3, 5 and 7 mm). Our punch press is equipped with 4 swivel molds, which are custom designed for your specific applications. Thanks to the swivel design the molds are very easy interchangeable. The punch press is operated via foot pedal. We also supply an automatic screwdriver for screwing vinyl (PVC) extrusions to the reinforcement inside the extrusion.